Our teams design unique personalized experiences exploring the intersection of Food, Art, and Technology.

EPICUREAN NIGHTS develops, organizes and executes immersive branded multi sensorial dinners.

EPICUREAN JOURNEYS is an extraordinary immersive travelling experience in France through the senses and beauties of the country for media tours (media influencers, bloggers and creators), corporate team building and for individuals.. We orchestrate, organize and guide our guests to an unforgettable trip to French cuisine, art, music and fragrances.

Based on your corporate goals and brief, we shape a journey that will bring top media influencers, team members and individuals to engage in a unique way.



We create unique premium branded experiences combining fine dining, musical compositions, immersive video projections and aromas diffusion. 

Our BRANDED EN EVENTS consulting services include:

  • Creating unique multi-sensory fine dining and music experiences

  • Securing unexpected venues

  • Securing talents, chef, sommelier, kitchen and front of house teams

  • Customized artistic creation: projection mapping, musicians, dancers and more

  • Customized culinary creation & catering: menu designed by renowned chef

  • Customized sensorial creation: fragrances creation & selection

  • Creating and executing collateral, including invitations and menus

  • Providing creative oversight on event design and production, including prop styling, performance staging, and floral, lighting, and collateral design



Combining fine dining, visiting local spots to discover authentic places, sensorial activities, Epicurean Journeys create a customized itinerary that strikes a balance between immersive experiences and free time to ensure the trip results in genuine brand engagement or personal discovery and pleasure.

Our EPICUREAN JOURNEYS consulting services include:

  • Creating unique multi-sensory journey in France: we conceptualize the trip and we execute it including all the logistics

  • Securing unexpected venues, restaurants, tours, activities, private classes and sightseeing for premium privatized experience 

  • Securing lodging, logistics and set up 

  • Securing local talents, chefs, artisans who have a special know how and can create a unique sensorial experience 

  • Customized culinary journey throughout the travel

  • Customized sensorial, musical and immersive experiences for the guests 

  • Providing creative oversight on the design and production of the travel experience, including prop styling, staging, floral, lighting, and collateral design

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